Membership with ASIAN EXPORTERS’ CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (AECCI) is more than having a voice for local businesses.
The benefits we offer to our members are specifically designed to increase a member company’s productivity, efficiency, knowledge and an access to relevant authorities. It helps the members in several ways and opens the door to new business opportunities for them.
AECCI is committed to serve the business community and want your business to succeed, grow and increase your profitability. Hence, we work with leading organizations to deliver the quality services and business information for our member. We have a suite of business services which can help your organization throughout its lifecycle from start-up, development, growth and beyond. AECCI aims at providing the perfect networking platform for building business contacts, learning from learnt speakers and listening to the needs of the business community. We offer our members professional, independent, affordable services that focus on supporting their businesses.

Two-types of membership
1. Ordinary Membership
2. Associate Membership